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New poem: Terrunform in Stone Telling

In Uncategorized on December 22, 2011 at 5:33 am

I have a new poem, ‘Terrunform’, in Stone Telling 6 – the science and science fiction issue. This is my first real SF poem, and it couldn’t have been published in a more wonderful and perfect place. Editors Rose and Shweta talk about science and SF poetry in their introduction, about the problems with it and what it could be. I’m honoured they wanted to use my poem.

‘Terrunform’ is about gender and Mars, among other things. It starts

We came trained to turn the land on
to the sun’s look, teach this world to be ours…

Click to read or listen to the rest! You can also find me talking about the ideas behind it, with several of the other poets talking about their inspirations and thoughts on SF, poetry, and gender, in the issue’s roundtable – it’s a great discussion.

Now go read the whole issue! Stone Telling is just brilliant, and such an important magazine in the speculative poetry field, so do consider donating via their tip jar if you like what you read.


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