Poetry Workshop in April – sign up now!

Here be Monsters is a poetry workshop that I’ll be running in Beaconsfield in April, as part of a series of events being held to celebrate National Poetry Month. The theme will be maps – poetry as mapping, poet as map-maker, the way poems (like maps) are both fact and fantasy, mashing up the known and the unknown. The aim is to explore these ideas, talk about what we can take from maps and map-making and apply to poetry, and have some fun with writing exercises and games, all leading up to everyone producing a draft of their own map-inspired poem. Open to all ages and abilities – hopefully, whatever your level of experience, you’ll take some new ideas away from it.

Tickets are £10 if you pay in advance, or on the door they’re £12 (£10 concessions), and you can get them here. Tea and coffee included! Here’s some more about it:

So that’s Sunday April 29th, 2-4 p.m., The Reading Room, Old Beaconsfield. Come and explore!

And then on Monday the 30th, there’s a sister event – Mapping Poetry: Poetry Reading and Open Mic, so you can come and read your new creations there. And that one’s free.

See you there!



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