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‘The Sea in the Hat’ – New Fairy Tales, September 2013

Boat in Shadows, Crossing‘ – Beneath Ceaseless Skies, January 2013

‘Machanu Visits the Underworld’ – Breaking the Bow: Speculative Fiction Inspired by the Ramayana, September 2012

A Catalogue of Unreadable Things‘ – Paraxis, September 2011

‘Four Pairs of Marco Polo’ – Verge 2011, September 2011

‘Mr. Wei Takes the Train’ – The Draft, June 2011

‘Tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s Day’ – Clockwork Phoenix 3, July 2010

‘The June Parrott Scrapbook’ – Polluto, March 2010

The Siren’s Child‘ – New Fairy Tales, February 2009


‘Rhyme of the Manic Pixie Dream-Crone’, Penning PerfumesJune 2012

‘Lunation’, Mapping Poetry, April 2012

Terrunform‘, Stone Telling, December 2011

Elsa in the Tontlawald‘, Goblin Fruit, October 2009

Markets Like Wide Open Mouths: Writings and Photography from Bangkok (pamphlet), produced as part of the author’s residency at Shrewsbury International School, June 2010

‘Boat in Shadows, Crossing’ (podcast), Finalist, Parsec Awards, 2013

‘Train in Vain,’ Special Commendation, James White Award, 2012

‘Appleglass’, Finalist, Glass Woman Ghost Story Prize, 2011

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